Australia's Psychology Workforce Capacity Survey

Australia's Psychology Workforce Capacity Survey

Bushfires, Covid-19, floods, and other disasters

This survey is now closed.

The survey was open to any person who:

  1. was AHPRA registered as a Psychologist (any scope), or was AHPRA registered as a Psychologist for a period of time between August 2019 and now;
  2. had worked in a scope of Psychology in Australia since August 2019

In this reearch, we evaluated how psychologists have managed the increased and changing demands for their services due to the 2019-2020 Bushfires and COVID-19. We measured the preparedness of the psychology workforce to respond to future disasters, which are likely to become more frequent and severe. We are currently develop recommendations for policy and practice to better enable the psychology workforce to cope with ongoing demands related to bushfires and the pandemic, as well as prepare for future disasters.


This research will help our understanding of the impacts of bushfire and COVID-19 on the Australian psychology workforce. The research will help us understand the ongoing needs of the Psychology workforce following bushfire disaster and the subsequent pandemic. It will also help us understand how the Psychology Workforce can prepare to support mental wellbeing following future bushfires and other disasters. We hope that the research outcomes can be used by health professionals, communities and policy makers to shape local and national strategies for bushfire resilience and recovery.

Participants can go in the draw to win one of 6 $50 e-gift cards (Gift Pay).

How is this study being paid for?

The study is being funded by The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) and an Australian National University Institue of Climate, Energy and Disaster Solutions Seed Grant. Participation in this study will not cost you anything..

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