PhD & MPhil

A PhD or research Masters in psychology is an essential pathway for students pursuing an academic career in this discipline.

Doctor of Philosophy »

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program is awarded on the basis of a thesis reporting an original piece of research. No formal coursework is normally involved, but candidates may have the opportunity to participate in seminars and special courses offered in psychology and other programs.

Doctor of Philosophy (Clinical Psychology) »

The PhD (Clinical Psychology) program aims to develop effective clinical competencies and to encourage a critical approach to the application of these competencies to practice. The emphasis is on a science-based approach to clinical psychology and the development of clinical problem solving skills, with a focus on scientific evidence combined with practical experience based on the theory of clinical psychology.

Master of Philosophy »

As an MPhil student you will work with increased independence, under the direction of a supervisory panel of experts in the field. Your research will make an original and important contribution to human knowledge, research and development.