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Name Positions Contacts
Katrina Anderson Research Development Manager
Alyssa Best Clinic Administrative Assistant
  • 612 58498
Karina Bird Interim Administration Manager
  • 612 52574
Dr Miranda Boal Clinical Psychologist
Matthew Boyd Business Operations and Project Officer
  • 612 52820
Dr Ellen Connell Clinical Psychologist
Dr Ian Donald Clinical Psychologist
  • 612 52525
Dr Lainie Hart Clinical Psychologist , Lecturer, Clinical Psychology Program Convenor
  • 612 52038
Timothy Heffernan Research Assistant
  • 612 53827
Lauren Llewellyn Admissions Officer
Jane Ma Project Officer
Helen Maxted Interim Psychology Clinic Manager
Michelle Millynn Administration Officer
  • 612 52796
Dr Linda Nicholson Psychology Clinic Manager
  • 612 50412
Joel Olney Research Assistant
  • 612 53827
Corin Pennock Administration Assistant
Sasha Popko HDR Administrator
Julia Reynolds Clinical Psychologist
  • 612 58405
Erin Slater Clinical Supervisor
Xin Wang Research Assistant
Christine Zhu Clinic Administrative Assistant