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Name Positions Contacts
Yasmin Abhayaratna Master of Professional Psychology Student
Rebecca Alexander PhD (Clinical) Student
  • 612 55168
Kathina Ali PhD (Clinical) Student
  • 612 55585
Hesah Aljarallah PhD Student
Shreya Batra Master of Professional Psychology Student
Kelly Battocchio Masters Student
Paige Berry PhD (Clinical) Student
Rhiannon Brophy Master of Professional Psychology Student
Nericia Brown PhD (Clinical) Student
Erin Brown PhD Student
  • 612 54100
Bianca Calabria Masters Student
Niamh Campbell PhD Student
Iris Carter PhD (Clinical) Student
  • 612 55043
Jia Min Chang Masters student
Kerryne Chia PhD (Clinical) Student
  • 612 50509
Jia Yun Chng Masters Student
Ren Ying Chng Masters Student
Rosemary Clifford PhD Student
  • 612 52783
Shannon Coady Master of Professional Psychology Student
Mike Corke PhD Student
  • 612 50509
Natalie Corkin Masters Student
Jolene Cox PhD (Clinical) Student
  • 612 52716
Noelie Creaghe PhD Student
  • 612 54802
Fauve D'Souza DPsych (Research) Student
  • 612 55902
Rachelle Dawson PhD (Clinical) Student
  • 612 52783
Anna Dawson PhD (Clinical) Student
Jhana De Silva PhD Student
  • 612 53842
Xuan Di PhD Student
  • 612 54100
Ashleigh Dolan PhD Student
Jessica Donaldson PhD Student