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Judy Slee Seminar Series: Attentional Orienting by Social and Nonsocial Cues: Mechanisms and Perceptual Consequences »

12pm 23 September

Our visual environment is complex, dynamic, and abundant. One way our visual system makes sense of this environment is by relying on shifts of covert attention (i.e., “looking out of the corner of one’s eye”) to select certain elements of our visual world for preferential processing...


Cecil Gibb Seminar Series: Why Psychology has a problem with co-production and how we can fix it: Reflections on failures and successes in...

12pm 30 September

Along with other health and science disciplines, psychology has traditionally privileged (and continues to privilege) its own ways of understanding the world through an often ostensibly objective lens. In such a paradigm, other forms of meaning making can be ignored or otherwise marginalised – including experiential...


Cecil Gibb Research Seminar Series: The Psychology of Secrecy »

12pm 7 October

Why do we keep secrets? To whom do we tell our secrets? What happens when we reveal a secret? These are only some of the questions that psychologists have begun to investigate on the topic of secrecy. The current state of the science suggests that secrecy has a negative psychological impact – but can nevertheless...