Bachelor degrees

A degree in psychology gives you the knowledge and skills to find answer to some fundamental questions about the human brain, mind and behaviour. Psychology at ANU can be studied as an individual unit, as a minor or through double degree pathways.

Choose your degree

You can study psychology in these degrees:

Psychology can also be studied as part of a Bachelor of Science (BSc) or Bachelor of Arts (BA)program, the choice of program depending on whether a student's interests lean towards the biological (BSc) or humanities and social science (BA) areas.

Students in either program may opt to undertake psychology as a major, entailing completion of the following courses: PSYC1003, PSYC1004, a minimum of 12 units of PSYC2000 level courses and a minimum of 18 units of PSYC3000 level courses. Students wishing to qualify for fourth year (Honours) study in psychology must take a minimum of 72 units of psychology.

Psychology can also form part of the four year Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) (PhB) program for advanced students focused on research.

Combined degrees

The undergraduate degree programs in psychology can also form part of combined programs. For example, the Bachelor of Science (Psychology) may be combined with programs in law, commerce, economics or music, as well as with the Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor of Arts.