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Yasmin Abhayaratna Master of Professional Psychology Student
A/Prof Anne Aimola Davies Associate Professor
  • 612 55533
Rebecca Alexander PhD (Clinical) Student
  • 612 55168
Kathina Ali PhD (Clinical) Student
  • 612 55585
Hesah Aljarallah PhD Student
Dr Katrina Anderson Industry Partner - NSW Health
Prof Martha Augoustinos Collaborator
Prof Daniel Bar Tal Collaborator
Dr Michael Barry Honorary Clinical Lecturer
  • 612 55103
Shreya Batra Master of Professional Psychology Student
Kelly Battocchio Masters Student
Paige Berry PhD (Clinical) Student
Alyssa Best Clinic Administrative Assistant
  • 612 58498
Karina Bird Business Operations and Project Officer
  • 612 52820
A/Prof Boris Bizumic Associate Professor, Honours Convenor
  • 612 54488
Ms Annaliese Blair Industry Partner - NSW Health
Dr Miranda Boal Clinical Psychologist
Dr Cobie Brinkman Visiting Fellow
  • 612 55103
Rhiannon Brophy Master of Professional Psychology Student
Nericia Brown PhD (Clinical) Student
Dr John Brown Visiting Fellow
  • 612 53827
Erin Brown PhD Student
  • 612 54100
A/Prof Rhonda Brown Associate Professor
  • 612 50635
Bianca Calabria Masters Student
Professor Michael Calford Emeritus Professor
Niamh Campbell PhD Student
Dr Diana Cardenas Postdoctoral Fellow
Iris Carter PhD (Clinical) Student
  • 612 55043
Jia Min Chang Masters student
Dr Junwen Chen Senior Lecturer
  • 612 52038