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A/Prof Anne Aimola Davies Associate Professor, Honours Convener
  • 612 55533
Hesah Aljarallah PhD Student
Dr Katrina Anderson Research Development Manager, ANU College of Health and Medicine (Wed-Fri)
Leslie Andrews PhD Student
Benjamin Aquilina PhD Student
Prof Martha Augoustinos Collaborator
Prof Daniel Bar Tal Collaborator
Dr Michael Barry Honorary Clinical Lecturer
Kelly Battocchio Master of Clinical Psychology Student
Emily Bell PhD (Clinical) Student
  • 612 54100
Dr Kylie Bennett Visiting Fellow, Industry Partner - eHub Health Pty
Associate Professor David Berle Associate Professor, Clinical Program Convenor
Ms Alyssa Best Clinic Administrative Assistant, School of Medicine and Psychology
  • 612 58498
A/Prof Boris Bizumic Associate Professor
  • 612 54488
Rebecca Blackburn PhD Student
  • 612 50509
Ms Annaliese Blair Industry Partner - NSW Health
Dr Miranda Boal Clinical Psychologist, School of Medicine and Psychology
Ellie Booth Master of Clinical Psychology Student
Mr Matthew Boyd Project Officer
  • +61 2 6125 2820
Dr Cobie Brinkman Visiting Fellow
Sarah Brocklehurst PhD (Clinical) Student
  • 612 55585
Erin Brown PhD (Clinical) Student
  • 612 54100
A/Prof Rhonda Brown Honorary Associate Professor
Nericia Brown PhD (Clinical) Student
Katelin Bullman PhD (Clinical) Student
  • 621 51461
Colette Burke PhD (Clinical) Student
Jessica Burns Master of Professional Psychology Student
Prof Mike Calford Emeritus Professor
Niamh Campbell PhD Student
  • 612 55902
Dhyani Carroll Master of Professional Psychology Student