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We strive to advance psychological science in understanding human motivation and behaviour including with respect to improving the population’s mental and physical health.

Man sitting with head in hand expressing guilt

Feeling guilty for catching COVID? Here's how to manage it »

If you've caught COVID, it's normal to experience a range of emotions — including guilt.

What do we do with our finite life?’: how Covid reframed our relationship with ourselves »

Mass disruption has caused many to rethink what they want out of life and consider changes from prioritising mental health to reshaping their identity
Person using COVID check in app

Aussies say they're more COVID compliant than their peers  »

The majority of Australians say they are extremely diligent when it comes to complying with COVID-19 restrictions, but think others aren’t.

The anxiety of a post-lockdown Christmas: an expert’s tips »

PhD researcher and psychologist, Aflaha Khan, provides tips on emerging from the quiet of lockdown to the cacophony of real-world socialisation.