Coming together as the School of Medicine and Psychology

(The merger of the Research School of Psychology and the ANU Medical School)

Our purpose: The ANU School of Medicine and Psychology works to advance human health and wellbeing, enabling individuals and communities to thrive.

Research »

We strive to advance psychological science in understanding human motivation and behaviour including with respect to improving the population’s mental and physical health.


“We all have a role to play”: addressing family and domestic violence over the holidays »

Domestic and family violence spikes during the festive season. Dr Dave Pasalich from the ANU School of Medicine and Psychology says the whole community has a role to play in responding to this crisis.

A new approach to understanding and improving human health »

Bringing together the disciplines of pscyhology and medicine, the new school is leading the way in human health with its interdiciplinary research, education and practice.

Revealing emotions earns researcher Tall Poppy Science Award »

For the past decade, Dr Dawel has sought to understand how people experience, communicate and regulate their emotions. Learn more about the research that earned her a Tall Poppy Science Award.

Academic Recruitment Round »

Multiple Academic Positions Available - Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, and Associate Professor