ANU Psychology Clinic

The ANU Psychology Clinic is a centre for clinical practice & research in psychology. Our aim is to provide the highest standards in psychological assessment and treatment in a professional, responsive and caring environment.

The ANU Psychology Clinic is open for intakes for adult clients (aged 18+) and cognitive assessment. Our child wait list is currently closed until July, but please contact the clinic if you are interested on being notified when our intake process commences again. 

We are commencing group programs in late July/early August 2023 and are currently conducting intakes/assessments for: 

  •  Working with Emotions (adult)                              
  •  Emotion Detectives (child) 


Clinical services

The ANU Psychology Clinic is a training, treatment and research centre offering specialised psychological services to the community. The clinic provides assessment, counselling and therapy for adults and children / families who may be experiencing emotional or behavioural problems including anxiety, fears and phobias, depression, stress, and coping with health conditions (i.e., sleep, pain). Therapy is provided individually or within groups, is time limited and centred around evidence based best practices.

As we are a training facility we are not equipped to assist individuals with complex and chronic mental health difficulties.

The ANU Clinic is also currently offering group programs for:


  • Working with Emotions Group: A 6 week program designed to benefit individuals struggling with intense emotions such as sadness, anger, and guilt.
  • Body Acceptance Skills Group: A group program for adults living in the ACT diagnosed with chronic health conditions or significant medical conditions. The program is designed to help individuals learn skills to foster body acceptance and well-being. Program includes eight sessions over 12 weeks, free of charge. For more information about the project, please visit this website


  • Emotion Detectives Group: An 8 week program for children aged 7-11 who experience emotional difficulties or distressing feelings. The structure of the group involves both child and parent participation. 

For more information about the groups, please contact the clinic.

Clinic therapists

The clinic is staffed by clinical psychologists and provisional psychologists. All clinic staff are fully registered with the Psychology Board of Australia. The clinical psychologists are board-endorsed clinical supervisors who oversee the provisional psychologists clinical practice whilst they are providing services in the clinic.

Provisional psychologists have already completed at least four years of training in psychology and are now undertaking specialist training in clinical psychology. Provisional psychologists are skilled in assessment and therapy. 

Privacy & Confidentiality

For more information on how the ANU Psychology Clinic manages privacy and confidentiality, please review our privacy policy (PDF 226KB).

If you have any questions please contact the clinic.