2019/2020 Bushfire Survey

The 2019-2020 bushfires have had a devastating impact on Australian communities and mental health. Long after the fires, people can continue to experience ongoing difficulty and disruptions to their daily life. 

One year on, we asked people to complete a survey to inform the ongoing needs of Australian communities who are vulnerable to bushfires. 

About the survey

In the survey, we investigated people’s experience with bushfire and bushfire-smoke and how this impacted their physical and mental health, lifestyle, and connection to community and land. The results of the survey will be available on the website shortly. 

We are planning a second survey to check how people are doing 2 years after the fires. Register for updates to find out more about the next survey.

Why participate?

We need people like you, and as many other people as possible, to share their experiences. 

As a thank you for helping, people who take part in the survey can enter a prize draw to win one of four $50 prezzy cards.

Importantly, the information gathered from this survey will identify ongoing mental health needs of individuals and communities in Australia. The research outcomes will be useful to health professionals, communities and policy makers to shape local and national strategies to help Australian individuals and communities to be prepared for future bushfires, and resilient when bushfire challenges arise again.

Are there any risks?

People have unique stories, emotions and experiences with bushfire and bushfire-smoke. Some people may feel higher levels of distress when recalling their experience. Please read the Participant Information Sheet carefully before deciding to participate and remember that your participation is always voluntary. If you want to talk to someone or get information about emotional well-being, you can also look at our Get Support for Wellbeing page.