2019/2020 Bushfire Survey

The 2019-2020 bushfires have had a devastating impact on Australian communities and mental health.

We asked people to complete surveys about their bushfire expereinces and health and wellbeing, one and two years after the fires. The survey data will be used to inform the ongoing needs of Australian communities who are vulnerable to bushfires. 

Survey 1: One year after the fires

In Survey 1, we investigated people’s experience with bushfire and bushfire-smoke and how this impacted their physical and mental health, lifestyle, and connection to community and land. The results of the first survey have been summarised in a brief report and full report, and in the animation on this page.

Read the brief report

Read the full report


Survey 2: Two years after the fires

Results from the second survey are coming soon. Register for updates to find out more about the next survey..