ANU Psychology eTherapy Clinic

The ANU Psychology etherapy Clinic is a centre for clinical practice & research in online psychology and an external training placement of the Psychology Clinic. Our aim is to provide the highest standards in online psychological assessment and treatment in a professional, responsive and caring environment for people living in rural and regional towns in NSW.

This service is only available for members of the public from a limited number of areas.

Clinical services

The ANU Psychology eTherapy Clinic is a training, treatment and research centre offering clinical psychology services. The clinic provides assessment, counselling and therapy for adults who may be experiencing emotional or behavioural problems including anxiety, fears and phobias, depression, stress, and coping with health conditions (i.e., sleep, pain). Therapy is provided individually, is time limited and centred around evidence based best practices.

As we are a training facility we are not equipped to assist individuals with complex and chronic mental health difficulties.

More information about psychology sessions delivered over videoconferencing (PDF 114KB).  Your therapist will discuss this with you before beginning therapy.

The etherapy clinic collects and uses your personal information in order to provide you with a psychology service. Your therapist will explain how the e-clinic manages your information and you can also access the eTherapy clinic privacy policy.

Clinic therapists

The clinic is staffed by clinical psychologists and provisional psychologists. All clinic staff are fully registered with the Psychology Board of Australia. The clinical psychologists are board-endorsed clinical supervisors who oversee the clinical practice of the provisional psychologists whilst they are providing services in the clinic.

Provisional psychologists have already completed at least four years of training in psychology and are now undertaking specialist training in clinical psychology. Provisional psychologists are skilled in assessment and therapy.