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Projects Status
A systematic review of the effectiveness of attachment-based and emotion-focused parenting interventions for reducing externalising and internalising behaviours Potential
Affective quality of the kinship parent-child relationship and child behavioural and emotional adjustment Potential
Anxiety and Attention Potential
Assessing adolescents’ perspectives of the quality of the parent-teen relationship Potential
Connecting Kin Research Project: Evaluation of a Trauma- and Attachment-Based Support Program for Kinship Parents Potential
Emotion granularity and memory for trauma in PTSD Potential
Improving human perception of low resolution face images Potential
Motion Perception Potential
The Australian School Climate and School Identification Measurement Tool Potential
The causes and consequences of attentional resizing flexibility Potential
The Prejudice Census Potential
The Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Conscious Object Perception Potential
Visual Attention – Flexibility and Perceptual Consequences Potential
Adjustment to retirement through social identity change Current
Building community resilience to promote mental health in bushfire-affected communities Current
Connecting adolescents to reduce relapse Current
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Multicultural Awareness Training Amongst Staff in an Australian Government Department Current
Neighbour Day Current
The Australian National COVID-19 Mental Health, Behaviour and Risk Communication Survey Current
The Psychology of Schoolies Current
The Psychology of Sustainable Consumption Current
Unlocking the social cure: Innovations in basic and translational science of the social determinants of mental health Current