The Australian National COVID-19 Mental Health, Behaviour and Risk Communication Survey

This study aims to improve understanding of the mental health and behavioural impacts of COVID-19 on the Australian community. The study also investigates how risk communication (e.g. in the media, or by politicians) impacts on people's emotions and decision-making. The study is a longitudinal study, comprising an initial 20-30 minute survey, with six 15-20 minute follow-up surveys at two-week intervals. Overall, our aim is to discover what puts our community at risk during pandemics, what protects them, and what can be done to foster community mental health—including by improving communication by Governments and other organisations.

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Dawel, A., Shou, Y., Smithson, M., Cherbuin, N., Banfield, M., Calear, A., Farrer, L., Gray, D., Gulliver, A., Housen, T., McCallum, S., Morse, A., Murray, K., Newman, E., Rodney Harris, R., & Batterham, P. (accepted 8 Sept 2020). The effect of COVID-19 on mental health and wellbeing in a representative sample of Australian adults. Frontiers in Psychiatry. For full preprint, click here.