Ketting Well

Ketting Well: Views and Experiences of Individuals Accessing Ketamine Treatment in Australia

About the survey

This research aims to improve our understanding of the views and experiences of people accessing ketamine treatment in Australia. In this anonymous 15-20 minute survey, we will investigate people’s feelings and attitudes towards ketamine and their experience in accessing ketamine as a medicine. The survey findings will inform factors that support accessing ketamine treatment in Australia. This new knowledge will have practical implications for directing policy and decision-making about ketamine as an emerging treatment.

Who can participate?

This survey is open to all persons who are aged 18 years or older, have continued living in Australia since July 2021, can read and write English well enough to complete the survey and have received ketamine treatment by a licensed provider within the past two years.

How do I join?

The survey can be completed online at your convenience (select the ‘Click here to start the survey’ button). Before commencing the survey, it is important you carefully read the Study Information Sheet for details about the study and carefully consider whether the study is right for you. Click here to open the Study Information Sheet.

Thank you for your interest in this study.