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Sheri Kim PhD Student
  • 612 55585
Kathleen Klik Visiting Fellow
Prof Michael Kyrios Honorary Professor
Yee Fong (Yvonne) Lee Masters Student
Georgina Lee PhD Student
  • 612 52783
Dr. Zoe Leviston Post Doctoral Fellow
  • 6125 3252
Jacqui Lieschke
Zhihan (Tammy) Liu PhD Student
Rowan Logie PhD Student
Deva Ly PhD Student
Samuel Ma Master of Clinical Psychology Student
Kirsty MacKenzie PhD Student
  • 612 51470
Dr Emily Macleod Clinical Psychologist
Lisa Macnaughtan PHD Student
Bhupesh Manoharan Campus Visitor
Jennifer Manson Campus Visitor
David McDonald PhD Student
  • 612 53975
Sharyn McFarlane Chief Operating Officer Social Cohesion Grand Challenge
  • 612 50706
Kimberlee McFarlane PhD (Clinical) Student
  • 612 54100
Grace McIntyre
Sarah McKenna PhD (Clinical) Student
  • 612 50509
Prof Elinor McKone Professor, Queen Elizabeth II Fellow
  • 612 52822
Natalie Menezes Master of Clinical Psychology Student
Paige Mewton PhD (Clinical) Student
  • 61254379
Elizabeth Miller PhD Student
Michelle Millynn Administration Officer
  • 612 52796
Lucas Mirani PhD (Clinical) Student
Dr Conal Monaghan Lecturer
  • 612 52835
Samuel Moorby Master of Professional Psychology Student
Bethany Muir PhD Student
  • 612 51461