Expect the unexpected: life in Canberra

Moving overseas is a big deal. You might be feeling excited, adventurous, and perhaps a little nervous. You’re adapting to a new home, new university, new language and new friends.

Or, unexpectedly in Marlon’s case, adapting to new food. 

“Pasta in Australia is great!” gushes Marlon. “In China we don’t really have much food from other countries, so this is special for us international students.”

After just two weeks in Canberra, 20 year old Marlon is already enjoying the fruits of this multi-cultural country.

“It’s my first time in Australia. Everything’s fabulous! I’m really curious about the Australian university life and experience.”

Marlon is one of 25 psychology students who have completed the first two years of their Bachelor of Science (Psychology) at Southwest University (SWU) in China, and will now complete the final two years of their degrees at The Australian National University (ANU), thanks to a partnership arrangement.

“I’d been thinking about studying overseas since senior high school, and I was really interested in going to the United States, until I realised how expensive it is to study there.

“When I was thinking about my choice of university in China, I saw that SWU had a partnership with ANU. The partnership between SWU and ANU is a less expensive way for me to study overseas, but is still just as valuable. I’ll graduate with a psychology degree from both universities.

“Another major benefit is that students who want to go back to China for further study or to find a job can use their degree from SWU, and those students who want to stay in Australia can use their degree from ANU.”

Aside from adjusting to new food, Marlon along with his fellow peers have adapted to a new campus culture and way of life, where they live together at Fenner Hall and are supported by staff at ANU.

“The professors have been very friendly to us,” explains Marlon. “They’ve helped us a lot while we settle in, both academically, and with life in general. They’ve told us about food and cooking styles and the prices of things in Australia, they are more like friends to us, it’s great.

“Fenner Hall hosts lots of events and activities, it’s like a community. Last night we had a tea night with Tim-Tams. I’ve already signed up to the ANU Basketball Club, Psychology Society and some Chinese clubs to meet other Chinese students.”

Having only just begun his life as an ANU student, Marlon is looking forward to trying the next cuisine on his list, Mexican, and continuing to expect the unexpected when it comes to life in Canberra and at ANU.

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