Special Lab Selection

Students who are still waiting to be formally enrolled in a course and need to sign up for a lab (e.g., you are awaiting a course permission code) should use this form to select labs. List as many labs as you are able to attend, as your first preference is not guaranteed.

Do not use this form if you will not be officially enrolling in a course or are already formally enrolled.

To see which of your lab selections you have been enrolled in, log on to Wattle and check the lab lists in the on-line lab sign-up system – refer to the Psychology website for detailed instructions.

Complete a separate form for each course in which you are applying for priority enrolment

Enrolment in your chosen laboratory group is not automatic, so make sure you check Wattle for final laboratory lists. If you have any questions, contact the Psychology Office 1st floor, Building 39 on University Ave, call 6125 2796, or email enquiries.psychology@anu.edu.au.

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