Vulnerable narcissists more susceptible to eating disorders

Vulnerable narcissists are more likely to develop eating disorders, according to a new study from The Australian National University (ANU).  

Lead author, Danushika Sivanathan, a PhD Scholar from the Research School of Psychology, says developing vulnerable narcissism - a narcissist subtype - is linked to how you were raised.  Miss Sivanathan says "everyone" has traits on the spectrum of a vulnerable narcissist, but consistent parental invalidation may lead to developing this martyr-like personality condition.

"Parental invalidation, which has also been shown to be linked to eating disorders, can set you up temperamentally as a vulnerable narcissist," said Miss Sivanathan. "It is not abuse or neglect. It is the kind of parenting when a child's inner feelings and thoughts are consistently minimised. "For example, when a child tells a parent; 'I am really sad' and the response is, 'Just get over it'."

The online study, published in Eating and Weight Disorders, focused on women aged 18-30 because of a higher prevalence of eating disorders with women.