Dr Junwen Chen

Senior Lecturer

Dr Junwen Chen received her PhD (Human Sciences) in 2002 from Waseda University, Japan. Since 2002 She has been employed full-time as an academic, first at Waseda University, Japan as a Research Associate, and then at Tokai Gakuin University, Japan initially as an Assistant Professor, and subsequently as an Associate Professor. In 2010, She moved from Japan to Flinders University, Australia to take up a Lecturer position and was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2015. In 2019, Dr Chen joined the Australian National University as Senior Lecturer.

ORCID: 0000-0003-4870-750X

Research interests

  • Areas of expertise

  • Health, Clinical And Counselling Psychology
  • Mental Health
  • Cultural Studies

My research focuses primarily on anxiety disorders, specifically, Social Anxiety Disorder and excessive worry, the latter of which is considered as a transdiagnostic process across both anxiety and depression. In particular, I have devoted myself to research on (1) investigating the underlying mechanisms involved in the maintenance of Social Anxiety Disorder by targeting biased information processes (e.g., negative self-imagery and interpretation bias) and their impacts on intervention techniques (e.g., video feedback); (2) examining the effects of intervention/prevention programs for excessive worry (e.g., using Behavioural Activation and Emotion Regulation approaches) in both adults and children; and (3) cross-cultural comparisons of the symptoms of social anxiety (disorder).