Course scheduling change PSY3018

25 July 2019

The Research School of Psychology will be changing the semester in which we offer PSYC3018 (Advanced Research Methods) from Semester 2 to Semester 1 starting in 2020. If you have already completed PSYC3018, or will be completing PSYC3018 in 2019, this change will not affect you.

We’re making this change in response to students’ requests to offer a more balanced sequence of third-year Psychology courses in each semester. From 2020 onward, we will offer four lecture-and-laboratory-based courses in Semester 1 (PSYC3002, PSYC3016, PSYC3018, PSYC3025) and four lecture-and-laboratory-based courses in Semester 2 (PSYC3015, PSYC3020, PSYC3026, PSYC3028). In addition, we will continue to offer PSYC3023 (Special Topics in Psychology) and PSYC3030 (Psychology Undergraduate Research Experience) in each semester as we currently do.

Note that this change will only start in 2020, so PSYC3018 will still be offered in Semester 2 2019.

Please take this change into consideration when making future enrolment choices, especially if you have already mapped out your study plans. If you have any concerns about how this change will affect you, please contact us at