Master of Clinical Psychology

The Master of Clinical Psychology is a two year (full-time) program of coursework, clinical placements (1,000 hours) and a research project (focused on a Master’s Thesis project of original research and culminating in a written report of at least 5000 words). This degree is primarily designed to be the basic professional qualification in clinical psychology, but can also form the basis of a career in other areas in psychology and outside the discipline. Within psychology graduates from this program have gone to work as clinical psychologists, counsellors, forensic psychologists, neuropsychologists, health psychologists, organisational psychologists, sports psychologists, and Psychology-relevant positions within diverse sectors such as the public service and non-government organisations (NGOs).

The Master of Clinical Psychology program aims to develop effective clinical competencies and to encourage a critical approach to the application of these competencies to practice. The emphasis is on a science-based approach to clinical psychology and the development of clinical problem solving skills, with a focus on scientific evidence combined with practical experience based on the theory of clinical psychology.

All students undertaking the Master of Clinical Psychology program are required to conduct an approved empirical research project. The project will culminate in the submission and examination of an MCP thesis, taking the form of a journal article manuscript of at least 5000 words (with no maximum length). Students will begin work on their thesis project at the beginning of the first year in the Clinical Program and it is due for submission by 31 January of the year following their second year.

Beginning in June/July of their first year, students undertake supervised clinical practice in the ANU Psychology Clinic. Subsequently they undertake two or more supervised clinical placements external to ANU. Internships are undertaken, in addition to the ANU Psychology Clinic, in a variety of community and hospital based settings within Canberra or nearby country areas, and include community health centres, general hospital, psychiatric and medical units, neurology and neuropsychology services, veterans' counselling services, alcohol and drug services and school counselling units.

Please note that the closing date for applications is 30 September each year

International applications are open now. Please see below application information for how to apply.

Domestic applications for the MCP program open the first Wednesday in September via UAC

Career opportunities

The Master of Clinical Psychology program is accredited for full membership of the Australian Psychological Society (APS). It is also accredited for membership of the Clinical College of the Australian Psychological Society though, as with all accredited postgraduate clinical programs, a further two years supervised clinical practice may be necessary before full membership is given, depending on past clinical experience. In addition, this program fulfils the requirements of the Psychology Board of Australia.

Examples of student accomplishments from some of our Clinical Psychology Program graduates can be viewed here. Some examples of Clinical Psychology Program Students Publications and Presentations can be viewed here