Cheerleader shouts out about famous psychology program

PeiBao Tan

The ANU is quite famous for psychology, so I thought it would be a great place to pursue my career.

“ANU is quite famous for psychology, so I thought it would be a great place to pursue my career,” explains PeiBao Tan, a final year student at ANU.

PeiBao is studying at ANU under an ANU Science Articulation Agreement. She says that the program made moving to Canberra an easy choice.  “I did a Diploma in Psychology and Community Services in Singapore and the Psychology Department at ANU came along to promote the university. It sounded very attractive and I got a one year exemption, which really sped up my academic program.”

Now here in Canberra, PeiBao says that she’s enjoying studying at the University.

“The lecturers at ANU are so passionate about what they do. When they teach you can really tell that they like what they do. There is also so much research in the degree. There’s a lot of independent learning, which I really like.”

PeiBao has also enjoyed living in Canberra, and has found a rather unique hobby to keep herself entertained.

“Canberra is quiet, but I have learn to adapt. I spend a lot of time hanging out with friends and watching movies. I quite like the lake as well. It’s really pretty, so when it’s warmer I like to run there.

“I’ve also taken up cheerleading. It’s a competitive America style Bring it On type of thing. The American movies got me interested and I thought if I don’t do it now I’m never going to do it. Early this month we had the Nationals competition in Olympic Park. It was massive – like what you see in the movies. Lots of hairspray and glitter. It was really fun.”

It’s the teamwork that she’s learning in cheerleading that PeiBao wants to work on in her psychology career. 

“I like human interaction. It’s something I can personally relate to and I’m interested in looking at groups and how they form. I’m hoping to do my honours and then work for a while before I do postgrad psychology.  I’m hoping to stay in Australia too. I figured I already got an opportunity to come and study here, so may as well make full use of it.”