For the most recent admission requirements, please refer to the Programs and Courses page.

Details on how to apply can be found at the Science College website and the Programs and Courses page.

Application procedures vary for internal and external students. If assistance is required email:

Applications with overseas qualifications, Students who did not obtain their three year pass degree qualification within Australia or New Zealand, must have those qualifications assessed by the Australian Psychological Society (APS) to ensure equivalency with Australian qualifications.  The final decision on equivalency will be made by the APS.

Note: The Honours statistics stream in the first semester can be daunting for students. This document (PDF 72KB) describes the level of knowledge we assume students have when they enter our Honours Program.

Mid-year entry

The closing date for mid-year applications is the last Friday in May.

Note that the range of potential supervisors during mid-year entry is limited, given that most of the supervisors take on all of their students in Semester 1. Because the mid-year Honours entry process is slightly different and can be a different experience for students, it is suggested that you talk to one of the Honours convenors for advice.

Part-time study

Students have the option of doing honours part-time. Coursework must be completed in the first year and the thesis in the second year of study.