Outcomes & benefits

Outcomes and Benefits for schools

The ASCSIMT results give schools insight into the perceptions of their staff, students and parent/carer community. The findings are reported in individual school reports which aid in the interpretation of the results. The reports include:

  • Comparisons of school results against overall ACT means.
  • Comparisons of schools results across time against previous years.
  • School results which are broken down by year group, to give schools as much detail as possible about their student body. These year group means are compared against the middle 60% range for the ACT, so school leaders have a relevant benchmark to assess their results.
  • Diagrams and graphs which illustrate the areas the school excels in, and which areas might be targets for improvement in the future.

Student Relation Pie ChartStudent Relation graphs

Outcomes and benefits for leaders and policy makers

Based on the ASCSIMT results, an ACT Systems Report is produced, explaining core strengths and areas for improvement across all ACT schools. The systems report includes more complex statistical outputs, explaining the relative contribution of multiple demographic factors, such as SES and school size.

Results of the ASCSIMT are also examined in relation to high school student NAPLAN results, giving policy makers clear results about the impact of school social environment factors, such as school identification and school climate, on standardised academic outcomes.

NAPLAN outcomes

Network reports are also produced for the four ACT school districts (Belconnen, North/Gungahlin, South/Weston and Tuggeranong) which break down the ASCSIMT results, providing information tailored to school leaders and policy makers in these regions.