Welcome to Psychology at ANU, 2022

3 February 2022

On this page, we have listed some key links and resources we hope will help you to navigate the first few weeks in Psychology at ANU. We hope that these links give you some extra guidance to make the transition to ANU smooth. We welcome you to Psychology and look forward to seeing you in our courses!

How do I enrol in my program?

Welcome and enrolment details for new Bachelor students

Is there an induction/orientation session?

Science and Psychology induction

Discipline specific drop-in sessions

What Psychology courses are being run in 2022 and beyond?

Psychology course information

How do I build my timetable?

Managing your timetable

Timetable viewer

How do I sign up for labs?

For each course, the Course Convener will provide detailed information on Wattle, so be sure to read through the course information/course outline on Wattle. In general, there will be a specific time window for when you need to submit your lab preferences. The link to submit your time preferences will be available on the course page on Wattle (this is all done online).

Who can I talk to about the structure of my degree? 

A good starting point here is Science Enquiries, you can book an appointment with this team by sending an email to: science.enquiries@anu.edu.au. They will be happy to talk with you about how you can connect psychology with other interests you have and think through the bigger picture in structuring your degree

Other Information that may be helpful

Program requirements

Program advice

Scholarships and prizes

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