Research School of Psychology Supports Students and Staff who wish to strike

11 September 2019

As many of you will be aware, on Friday September 20th there will be a global Climate Strike just ahead of the UN Emergency Climate Summit. This day was initiated by school children worldwide following the March 15th school strike, and they are calling on people of all ages to join them on September 20th and walk out of school and work to make a stand for climate justice.

The Research School of Psychology (RSP) recognises that research into climate change by the scientific community has reached a consensus and we express our support for this global strike. As this issue affects us all, RSP has made arrangements, where possible to enable students and staff to participate in this strike.

Students will not be penalised for leaving classes to go to the strike, and for those with compulsory labs during the time of the strike (12-2pm) an alternative lab will be offered. Please talk with your teachers if you are planning to attend the strike and will not be attending your class/lab, and be respectful of how this may disrupt learning for other students who do not wish to go.

For staff who wish to leave work for the strike, please speak with your supervisor to discuss flex time or leave arrangements. We encourage all supervisors, where possible, to support staff to make these alternate arrangements.

For those wishing to attend, the strike it is being held at Glebe Park from 12-2pm.

Best wishes, RSP School Executive