Our Internal Truths: The Enduring Lie

15 March 2021

Artist Bio

Samantha Thomas is an Australian photographer who works with photomedia and whose art practice takes a conceptual and critical view on the world – in particular she explores social issues such as analysing social conditioning, perceived normalities and stereotypes. She works across a variety of photographic applications including digital and analogue formats (35mm and 120mm film), photogrammetry, collage, video, and experimental and manipulative processes. Samantha is completing her Bachelor of Visual Arts majoring in Photomedia and Bachelor of Design in 2021 at the Australian National University (ANU) in the School of Art and Design. She has exhibited in Insight Out Exhibition with aMBUSH Gallery, Amplified Together Graduating Exhibition, Moneylab X: Economythologies, ANU’s Instagram Exhibition, ‘Close and Far’ at ANU, and has been recognised in the International (IPA), Monochrome and Chromatic Photography Awards.

What was my experience like combining arts and science?

The connection between arts and science forced my brain to collate and critique my thoughts, their meanings and how I represent them. This was a very impactful experience, not only because of its personal relevance and revelation, but because it allowed me as an artist to really consider my perspective and its portrayal. Additionally, this work invites the public to question their exposure to information and compare how and why we have such varied views on the world and what this could mean.

Artwork Statement

Our Internal Truths: The Enduring Lie examines how we decipher between truth and falseness when our beliefs and memories are unknowingly persuaded by misinformation. By exploiting the photographs role in the perception of truth, this enlarged print demonstrates how effective fake news can be to spread, and concurrently, its individual and global damage. The artwork is reflective of the illusory truth effect, through the presentation of a false reality, where photography’s unique representational characteristic is manipulated and abstracted to speak a false truth. Recognising and interacting with reliable data is vital for debunking false claims within our memory and cognition – this composition investigates a lack of fruitful exposure and the draining mental retainment of distorted information. This piece was made in collaboration with Dr Eryn Newman, Lecturer in the Research School of Psychology at the Australian National

For more information follow this link: http://ambushgallery.com/events/insight-out/