A crew of more than two: Graduating with your village

4 December 2019

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well, there's also a village of support behind almost every university graduate, and a new ANU tradition is designed to acknowledge them.

Meet Kate Thomson and her village. Parents Garry and Susan, Honours supervisor Dr Stephanie Goodhew, and dear friends Anna and Ashleigh are key members of her support crew. As a Canberra local, Kate has been lucky to have immediate family and established friends close at hand while studying a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) at ANU. But new friendships forged on campus and the support of the academic community have been fundamental to flourishing at ANU. 

With 3,000 ANU students like Kate graduating in December, that's a huge community of family, friends, lecturers, tutors and peers who have contributed to their success. The very first Grand Graduation picnic party will be an opportunity for everyone in this community to come together to celebrate-no limits on tickets, everyone is welcome! Our students have put in the hard yards and with this new ANU tradition will be recognised by their whole village of support on 10 December 2019.  

Kate’s relationship with her academic supervisor Stephanie has been “absolutely wonderful”.  

“As an academic she’s incredible, but also as a supervisor and at that human level she has been incredibly kind and supportive. She has provided me with the support I need, both academically and personally, as I made my way through this Honours year,” says Kate.

Stephanie will be at the Grand Graduation celebration cheering on Kate and one of her PhD candidates. She encourages fellow academics to be there to “see students off into the world and celebrate their achievements”.

“Academics can play an important role in the life of a student and that’s something I really value,” says Stephanie.  

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