The Science of Psychology

What does a psychologist do? Your first response to this question might be to think about a person sitting in a chair providing therapy to a client. But did you know that psychology researchers tackle a wide variety of questions including:

  • How to effectively communicate with people about climate change and encourage people to change behaviours?
  • How to give people the tools to identify misinformation in social media?
  • How can we get people to adopt health behaviours that protect them from COVID-19?
  • Do people hear themselves talking in their mind?
  • How do people think about their own bodies?
  • How do people come to a conclusion that something seems prejudiced
  • How can we build connected communities?

This is but a few of the many fascinating questions that psychology researchers at ANU are tackling. We invite you to come and engage with the science of psychology, and think about how you can help us tackle some of the most difficult questions we are currently facing.

Join us on Gather Town as an avatar between 4-6pm Thursday 18th August and meet some of the researchers (also on Gather Town as avatars) in Psychology at the ANU. We look forward to hosting you and meeting you online!

Gather Town is an interactive space where you can explore, meet people, and ask us questions.

To learn about Gather Town you can have a look here: