PsycX: Psychology's role in contemporary challenges!

Kate Reynolds, Eryn Newman, Diana Cardenas Kate Reynolds, Eryn Newman, Diana Cardenas

The ANU Psychology Society is excited to run our first ever TedX-style talk, PsycX. The theme for this inaugural event is: Psychology's role in contemporary challenges!

Like in many areas of science and general inquiry, the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for both discovery and application. Psychology has been, now more than ever, an equal partner within scientific health teams, public policy decision-making, communication efforts and mental health responses.

The application of psychology is now much clearer in many of the current challenges that face humanity i.e discrimination, inequality, climate adaptation, social cohesion, technology adoption and impact. The upcoming PsycX event will aim to bring attention to examples where psychology has a great importance and contribution.

We will also explore whether we are entering a new era for psychology as a discipline; one where it is better resourced, in-demand and has increased impact. Following on from the presentation, there will also be a discussion about how as ANU students interested in Psychology or as researchers, it is possible to be best prepared to take this field forward to ensure this renewed relevance and impact.