Priority Lab Sign-up Semester 2 2017

Thursday 15 June 2017
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Priority enrolment forms can only be submitted from Monday 24 July to 4:30pm Wednesday 26 July

On Friday 28 July, lab sign-ups begin from 1:00pm for PSYC1004, and from 10:30am for Second & Third year courses. The exact start times for each course are listed below.

Check the FAQ at the bottom of this page for answers to common questions.

Key dates

Priority lab enrolment deadline date

Wednesday 26 July 4:30pm - if you can genuinely only attend one lab time in any course, complete and submit a priority enrolment form to the Psychology Admin Office.

Special lab selection deadline date

Wednesday 26 July 4:30pm - if intending to enrol in a course but formal enrolment has not been processed by this date, complete and submit a special lab selection form to the Psychology Admin Office.

Sign-up start date

Lab sign-up opens and students can enrol in labs via Wattle as per the dates and times below:

  • PSYC1004 - 28 July 1:00pm 
  • PSYC2001 - 28 July 10:30am
  • PSYC2007 - 28 July 10:45am
  • PSYC2008 - 28 July 11:00am
  • PSYC2011 - 28 July 11:15am
  • PSYC3011 - 28 July 11:30am
  • PSYC3015 - 28 July 11:45am
  • PSYC3018 - 28 July 12:00pm
  • PSYC3020 - 28 July 12:15pm
  • PSYC3026 - 28 July 12:30pm
  • PSYC3028 - 28 July 12:45pm


Sign-up end date

Lab sign-up ends and labs can be viewed in Wattle but enrolment is closed as per the dates below. Your course coordinator will advise of any end date changes.

  • First year courses - Friday 4 August 5:00pm
  • Second & Third year courses - Friday 11 August 5:00pm


Lab selection

Standard enrolment (most students will use this option)

Decide which labs to attend for each course. Please note that the lab times for Psychology courses displayed on the ANU timetable are draft times only and may be up to 48 hours out-of-date. Check the Wattle course page for announcements of any last minute changes to the laboratory class schedule.

Follow the Lab sign-up instructions to enrol in your practical class.

To sign-up for new lab times, or to change existing lab times, is only available using Wattle between the sign-up start date and the sign-up end date, published above.

Priority lab enrolment (for students who can only attend one lab time)

Students who can genuinely only attend one lab time in any course should complete a priority enrolment form. Priority enrolment forms can only be submitted between 24-26 July. Students who submit forms after the deadline may be placed in labs outside of their preferred options.

Note that all requests for priority enrolment in labs must be accompanied by supporting documentation (eg a letter from carer/employer, personal statement, etc).

Note that email correspondence will be sent to university email accounts if priority enrolment is unsuccessful. 

Special lab selection (for students who are still waiting to be formally enrolled)

Students who are still waiting to be formally enrolled in a course should complete a special lab selection form.

Do not use this form if already formally enrolled. Do not submit this form before the special lab selection date listed above - there is no final date for submission of special lab selection forms. The acceptance and processing of special lab selection forms will depend on lab availability, and allocation to labs will be carried out at the discretion of course coordinators.

How to apply

For priority or special lab selection, follow these steps:

  • Decide on a lab for each course - do not pick a lab time that is not in the official list.
  • Download and print the appropriate form, or collect a copy from the Psychology Admin Office.
  • Complete the relevant fields, and then return it with the appropriate supporting documentation to the Psychology Admin Office before the priority deadline date.
  • All forms should be placed in the appropriate year unit assignment box outside the Psychology Admin Office, with supporting document securely attached.


Further information

For problems accessing the sign-up system on Wattle, please contact :

For problems related to the scheduling of labs, contact your course coordinator or teaching assistant (TA).

For all other enquiries, contact the Research School of Psychology office.


Frequently asked questions

Can I fax or email my lab selections in?

No - standard lab selection must be made through Wattle.

Can I fax or email my completed priority form in?

No - completed forms must be physically handed in to the Psychology Admin Office.

Can I fax or email my completed special lab selection form in?

No - completed forms must be physically handed in to the Psychology Admin Office.

Can I change my mind once I have selected a lab?

Yes - the procedures for changing your existing lab selections are outlined above.

What if there is only one lab time at which I can attend?

If you can genuinely only attend one lab time you should complete a priority lab enrolment form.

What if I am not enrolled in a course but still want to attend labs?

If you are not officially enrolled in a course but still want to sign up for a lab (eg you are auditing a course or are taking it as part of a special topics program) you should contact your course coordinator about labs for the course. Your coordinator may require you to complete the normal lab sign up procedure to select a lab. Note that permission to attend labs is not automatic for students who are not officially enrolled in a course.

What if I am not formally enrolled in a course but am planning to enrol?

If you are still waiting to be formally enrolled in a course but need to sign up for a lab (eg you are awaiting a course permission code) you should use the special lab selection form to select labs. If you use this option, try to list as many labs as you are able to attend as you will not be guaranteed your first preference

Can I simultaneously nominate a range of lab preferences for the same course using the on-line sign-up system?

No - the Wattle on-line sign-up system is not preference based but works in 'real time' - you will immediately be placed in the lab that you select when you use the system.

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