Dr Boris Bizumic

Senior Lecturer
Building 39, Room 208
 612 54488



PhD, MA with First Class Honours, BA The University of Auckland NZ


I have obtained my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Professor John Duckitt supervised both my MA and PhD theses. Subsequently, I worked for three years as a research fellow at ANU under supervision of the late Professor John C. Turner. Since 2009, I have been employed at ANU as a full-time research and teaching academic.



Research interests

Ethnocentrism, prejudice, personality, narcissism, attitudes, authoritarianism, groups, cross-cultural research, psychometrics, scale development.


2012-2014 Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) Grant  ($84,069.35)

The grant was given to Bizumic, B. & van Rooy, D. for the project titled “Attitudes towards biotechnological applications to humans” (The project was administered through ANU Enterprise)

2008 – 2011 ARC Linkage Project Grant, 2008-2011 ($420,000 cash & $415,080 in-kind)

The Australian Research Council (ARC)

The grant was given to Reynolds, K. J., Bizumic, B., Subasic, E., Melsom, K., & MacGregor, F. F. for the project titled “Understanding the school as an intergroup system: Implications for school reform and improving student and staff outcomes”


Current students


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